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Welcome to SEO-DESIGN!

If you are reading this page, it means you need at least one of the following two things:web design, seo

  • seo (search engine optimization)

  • web design (website making)

And this is exactly what we do.

When you choose your SEO (search engine optimization) company, the first thing to consider is the actual earnings the site brings you after optimization and not the number of keywords or the lowest possible price on the market. And this is exactly the reason why “Seo-Design” employs sales managers with multiple years of experience in sales of goods and services. The owner of the company himself has 12 years of experience in direct sales. We know what your customer is looking for and we know what you are selling. We are not interested in billing you for 50 keywords which we know will not bring you profit. We are focused on boosting your sales and not the number of keywords.

Your site can be made in one day and TOP-10 takes about four weeks (sometimes sooner).

The main purpose of any business is to boost the sales. This can be sales of either goods or services, the key task is the same: to be "higher and better" than competitors, find customers, build a long-term partnership or stable clients base. And this is what Internet-marketing stands for.

The main goal of our agency is to make YOU a LEADER among competitors.

Internet marketing is a complex of tools and strategies aimed at maximizing the ranking of a particular company or a certain product in the Internet. This includes market analysis and study of the competition, building a strategy for the presentation of your company or a product, writing content, writing slogans and thinking up other events and promotions to engage the customer and, ultimately, to promote your company or a product. And this means promotion on the Internet “on a ready-to-operate basis”.

SEO-Design is a group of young and ambitious professionals who work with one purpose: to deliver maximum results to the customer. The minimum which you will receive is a stylish, smart resource, brought up to the TOP 10 at a customer-friendly price.

Our company offers a full range of services for web design and Internet marketing (SEO, both organic optimization and pay-per-click advertising). From the domain purchase and hosting setup through designing and promoting a site to a TOP 3 ranking position, we will deliver solid results with most profitable keywords for you.


It is not a secret that we are all in a tight spot economically trying to start our own business or focusing on a particular business direction in order to have our feet solidly on the ground and be self-sufficient, as opposed to depending on somebody else. Naturally, the development of a web resource becomes the number one question.

Advertisement is the trade’s key resource and a suсcess key. Hence the question: what advertising to choose now? Where to advertise? Usually, we flip through the channels whenever a commercial comes on or simply turn off the sound. We almost do no see the magazine readers looking for the products they need. The customer became lazy – it is a fact. It is much easier search the Internet and find anything needed. That’s why your website is important.

We'll help you earn on the Internet today!

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